(Please visit “Gallery 2” for photos of the outside of the property.)



Master Walk-in Closet. Has 2 doors on either side for easy entrance from Master Bedroom and Bath. Two windows. Measures 8m2 (86 ft2).

Total living space = 142m2 (1528 ft2) including the front porch and back terrace.  There is also a 5th bedroom, which faces north.  It’s the only bedroom without a closet, so it’s being used as an office.  It measures 8m2 (86 ft2) and has two large windows.  I currently do not have a picture, as it’s where we are storing our boxes and things we will be taking with us when we move. I plan on posting a picture of this room later.  Also not pictured is the Walk-in Pantry.  The Walk-in Pantry measures 2m2 (21 ft2).  I will also post a picture of this later, so stay tuned ….



12 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. What about parking—I assume there is not a garage? Is the property fenced for security? Is there room in the garden to plant vegetables? When are you leaving/vacating the property?


    1. Hi, Jim. Thanks for the reply. There is no garage, however, there is a carport that fits approximately 3 vehicles. The property is fenced, and there is a little space to plant vegetables! We will be leaving the property about 30-60 days after it sells as we have two large dogs that need to have their paperwork done before entering the EU (which is where we’ll be moving).
      I haven’t put many photos of the outside of the property just yet because we have some contractors out doing a bit of work on the exterior (painting, etc), but I’ll be updating the website in just a few days once they make more progress. Thanks a lot!


    1. Hi! Yes the house is still available! There is no stove in the kitchen because we decided we didn’t need one, however, there is an outlet for an electric stove (220) and there is a gas line also installed. We had an electric stove before but bought a gas “hot plate” later.


  2. Is the house close to a bus line? I am really looking for somethin on the San Isidro road but will to consider other locations.


    1. Hi, Barbara! The bus to Grecia center is only 300 meters away! That’s perfect for keeping the noise away from the house. San Miguel Abajo, where the property is located, is just a ridge over from San Isidro; it’s very close!


  3. Hi there! Your home is just beautiful! Q1:
    I’m disabled but ambulatory need to be close to major hospital. How close are you to a major medical facility?
    Is there a well or fresh water nearby?
    Is the lot large enough to build a small guest quarters? My son may visit often & college did not improve his neatness & I like things tidy.
    If your house is not a for your house, could you suggest a town that would?

    Thanks for your time,
    Ginny Torpey


    1. Hi, and thanks for the comment!
      A1: The nearest public hospital is in the center of town (Grecia), which is about a 10-minute drive. There are private hospitals within 45-minutes.
      A2: There is no well on the property, however, the local water comes straight from the mountain springs and is some of the cleanest water in the entire country!
      A3: The lot is not large enough to build another addition, however, the Master Suite is located on the opposite side of the house so there’s enough room in the house where you don’t necessarily have to live on top of each other. We have two kids, so I know what you mean about liking things tidy! 🙂
      A4: I’m not sure what you meant by that question …. I’ve provided a link on the “About” page where it gives information on the city, Grecia.
      Let me know if I can answer your 4th question better.


  4. Dani, is this home still for sale? We would really like to tour it with you. Thank you.


  5. We currently have a 1/2 acre area fenced for our dogs. What is the size of the fenced area? Is there a US code septic system? Clothes washer and dryer? Dishwasher? Is the house 220V throughout or 110V?


    1. Hello, Eric- the front and backyards are rather small, however, we have two big dogs that do well in the space. There are two septic tanks, both in great condition; however, it is still advised not to flush toilet paper or other products down the toilets, as it eventually makes them not flush as well. There is a washer and dryer, both in good condition, although a little rusty because they sit outside. There is no dishwasher. The home is mostly 110V, but there is a 220V outlet for an electric stove and a 220V outlet for the dryer. Thank you!


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