Here I will be letting viewers to the site know of any updates on the website or the property such as when I’ve posted new photos or videos or when any changes have been made on the website or property.  Please follow my blog to receive notifications when I update something.  Stay tuned …! (Don’t worry- I won’t flood your inbox with random blogs about how I feel about the weather.  =) It will all be pertinent information.)

*Picture was taken at Isla Tortuga, Costa Rica in September 2016.


Isla Tortuga, Costa Rica


Wed 9 November 2016

I’ve added photos of the Backyard Terrace to the “Garden 2 (Garden)” menu, so please check that out!  The Backyard Terrace is a popular hangout and entertaining space of the home; everyone who comes here immediately falls in love with the views!

Don’t forget to follow the website or the blog to receive all the latest updates!

Thur 24 November 2016

In a few weeks, we’ll start painting the interior and exterior of the house.  Today I’ve updated the pictures of the Master Bedroom as we had the glass sliding door replaced as it had a large crack in it.



Sunset on 21st Nov 17:42

Thurs 5 January 2017

This Monday the contractors came to start painting the house and to do some minor repairs.  I’ve posted some pictures in the “Gallery 2” section of the progress they have made thus far.  It should take them about 2.5 weeks to finish with everything.  I will continue to post more photos as things are being finished.


Front of House. Faces East.


South Side of House Leading to Backyard. Sunset.


Friday 20 January 2017

The house is finished!  All repairs and painting have been done.  Now it’s perfectly ready for its’ new owners!  You can have a look in both “Galleries” to see new photos of the exterior and interior.


The Property. Gated & Fenced. 631m2 (6792ft2).


Monday 19 June 2017

The property has been put back on the market! An inspection of the property was conducted at the beginning of February 2017 in which the property passed all inspections with a good rating!  The home is move-in ready!

Morning of June 17th!

Morning of June 17th


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